Is Teeth Whitening Safe For Children?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe For Children?

Every dental patient is always advised to ask their dentist first for advice about which over-the-counter system to use, how much lightening you might expect. Teeth do darken with age, and the range of color varies from person to person. Many parents are wondering is teeth whitening safe for children. The opinion of each dentist may be different. Here are some useful information…

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Kids? | Glamour Smiles Wed, 10 Apr 2013 00:26:20 GMT No doubt about it, teeth whitening is a sure-fire way to shave years off of your looks with a minimally invasive treatment. However, some people worry about the safety of teeth whitening, especially regarding children. Read more …

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In “Your Child’s Teeth,” health writers Evelina Weidman Sterling and Angie Best-Boss team up with pediatric dentists and oral health experts to answer parents’ many questions about children’s teeth. Topics include: – how thumb sucking and pacifiers affect teeth, how to brush your young children’s teeth, how to calm a child who is afraid of the dentist, how to help special needs children get proper dental care, how medical problems affect teeth, how fluoride rinses and dental sealants work, how a root canal is done, and how to make the orthodontia decision. Read more … 02/24/2013 20:14

Tooth whitening will be a safe procedure, if it is carried out by dentist. It should not be repeated too often. Instead, you should maintain your good dental health. Children’s under 16, pregnant women, heavy smokers or drinkers should not under go for teeth whitening, as it may cause some severe risks. Read more …


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Teeth Whitening ? Being On The Safe Side – Article Portal – Wed, 05 Mar 2014 11:09:11 GMT Children up to sixteen years old is not recommended to have teeth whitening, so are pregnant women and lactating mothers. Teeth whitening products normally have counter indications printed at the label. Veneers, crowns  Read more …


Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Young Patients? | Sat, 11 May 2013 01:10:04 GMT Would you consider inquiring about teeth whitening for your child? Most kids are clean slates. Serious teeth stains, dulling, and yellowing usually occurs over a period of many years, and naturally as we age. However, kids are  Read more …

To be on the safe side as we learned from these post, studies show that teeth whitening is safe for children from age 11. Now as I mentioned earlier, every dentist has their own opinion on this matter. Some are more conservative than other. I believe children should wait till about age 14. If someone is younger and does not want to wait till then, then my suggestion is to use the least amount of strength of the bleach.

By: Dr. Ladan zinati

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