What Is Kor Teeth Whitening

Kor Teeth Whitening

KoR tooth whitening is an innovative whitening system. KoR uses customized take-home trays to whiten your teeth, plus the option of an in-office treatment to optimize your tooth whitening results. It is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed. Here are more details about Kor Teeth whitening.

 All you need to know about Kor Teeth Whitening

Frequently Asked Questions about KOR Teeth Whitening … Fri, 23 May 2014 02:02:02 -0700

Q: What is KOR Whitening? A: The KOR Whitening system is a system that bleaches deep stains without causing teeth sensitivity. KOR is perfect for people who.

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Dr. Antolak Discusses KOR Teeth Whitening


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Whiten Your Smile With KoR Whitening | Dental Depot of …

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KOR Deep whitening System is a method that allows your dentist to whiten your teeth to their maximum potential, in a safe, predictable way, with little to no sensitivity. This method of teeth whitening allows flexibility to fit each …

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KoR Whitening Process – The Glamorous Look You Always …

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Thankfully, getting that pretty smile to go with the rest of the prettiness isn’t that difficult or that expensive either. All you need is a quick trip to the dentist and the application of a cool new product called KoR Teeth Whitening.

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KoR doesn’t need to ever be done again. Your teeth will stay white forever with touch-ups. Also it does not need the use of a curing light or laser during the in-office treatment, unlike Zoom tooth whitening. The curing light or laser used in certain tooth whitening treatments may slightly increase the risk of temporary gum and tooth sensitivity.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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