Is Tooth Bleaching Capable of Damaging Your Teeth?

Does bleaching damage your teeth?

Facts about teeth whitening

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Teeth?

This question is frequently asked by most patients before they start the teeth bleaching process. The answer to this question is definitely, no.  You can feel that your teeth become sensitive to heat and cold during the duration of the process and up to 48 hours after. This is because there is an oxidation taking place. There is a movement of electrons in your teeth. That is why it feels different. After the bleaching session is completed and up to 48 hours after, your teeth will return back to its normal condition but now they are whiter and younger looking.


What are the two types of tooth whitening?

Every bleaching process is different from each other. The result is just the same, to whiten teeth. There are two types of teeth whitening you can choose from. They are:

  1. Removing the external stains on the surface through mechanical means.
  2. Removing the external and internal stains of the teeth through chemical means.

The two types of removing the stains reveal that there are also two types of stains. They are:

  1. External stains. This is caused by certain beverages, smoking, and certain foods which are potentially capable of staining. This can also be caused by the proteins present in the saliva as well as the smoothness of your enamel. Oral hygiene plays a part in this as well.
  2. Internal stains. This can be caused by a trauma to the tooth, or the more yellowish color of the dentin. Some people have a darker colored dentin, which is the layer of the tooth beneath the enamel. This is hard to bleach. You can bleach it for a few months yet you get only little improvement.

Now, we said bleaching can't damage your teeth, but you got to be careful not to damage your gums. When you go to your dentist for an in-office teeth whitening, they will place a protective gel on your gums to make sure the gums are not damaged by the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the beaching products.

When you do an at-home teeth whitening given to you by your dentist, again your dentist is making you a custom fit tray to use with the bleaching products they give you so not to damage the gums.

When you use the over-the-counter bleaching products, your gums are not protected and although the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide is lower in these OTC products, it can still cause damage if used for long period of times and if used repeatedly.

Learn more on different types of teeth whitening and the cost of teeth whitening.


2 Responses to Is Tooth Bleaching Capable of Damaging Your Teeth?

  • Garf says:

    I wanted my teeth to be bleached the last time I visited my friend dentist.  She told me no and said that it is not a good idea to bleach the teeth.  I did not bother to ask her why but after reading this article, I now know why.  Thanks for the info!

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