Which Home Teeth Whitening Kits Work Best?

We can hear everywhere that teeth whitening has become the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world for people who want to look younger, more confident and attractive. However, it’s important to understand that this popular practice has its own limitations and drawbacks and, in fact, is not for everyone.  Nevertheless, we want to bring you a few different articles and products about home teeth whitening kits and hope this information will help you a lot.


What Home Teeth Whitening Kit Works Best?

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If you are like me, then we are just two of the many millions of people who like whiter teeth. These days, there are many products for whitening your teeth that you can use in the comfort of your own home. This is great of course as you can get …

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The Best Home Teeth Whitening Kits | Have you Get Dental Materials?

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Despite mounting evidence to the contrary many people are still skeptical if home tooth whitening kits actually work. The number of companies who are selling teeth whitening products has increased exponentially over the …

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What is the Best Teeth Whitening Kit?

Click here – http://www.whitenmyteethfast.com – to get white teeth fast! In recent years, DIY teeth whitening kits have become increasingly popular. Despite …

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You are here – Home – How Teeth Whitening Works

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Although they won’t work for everyone, knowledge of the different tooth whitening options and how they work will help you choose the best product for you. They work best on stains caused by coffee, wine, soda or cigarettes. Professional At-Home Tooth Whitening Kits. Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening Kits.

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Question by : What is the best teeth whitening kit? Which kit works best? (crest,aquafresh, etc.) No home reme… http://t.co/SHHM5iPkUg

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Home teeth whitening kits do work, but not for everyone. They also have their limitations of how white you can get your teeth due to the low strength that they have, especially over the counter ones. If your teeth are not that discolored and you just want a whiter smile, then this should work for you. Another limitation they have is time. It does take anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks to get the maximum results. If you want best results in a very short time and are willing to pay for it, then in-office whitening treatments are for you. All you have to do is select the right dentist and you will get your teeth whitest in just 1-2 hours. You don’t even have to worry so much about the cost because a lot of dental offices do have specials that are very affordable. You can also go for the professional custom made trays home teeth whitening which have a higher strength and are less expensive. Not much higher than the over the counter ones.

At St. James dental Group, We have affordable in-office teeth whitening as well as custom made trays home teeth whitening. We also carry teeth whitening kits from Whiter Image.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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