Difference Between Teeth Whitening At The Dentist And OTC

Look younger with whiter teeth

White teeth can make you look younger

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist Or OTC

The debate between in-office teeth whitening, at home whitening trays by a dentist and over-the counter bleaching trays often confronts each dental patient who wants to have whiter teeth. Choosing the best type of bleaching requires knowledge. If not, you will pick the wrong one. You do not want that to happen because it will be a waste of time and money. Spend time to think over options and identify the pros and cons of each before you settle for the one. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Dentist supervised teeth whitening versus DIY

There are different types of tooth whitening. Perhaps, you have been confused of choosing which bleach is for you. Should it be with your dentist or DIY?  If you are really confused, here are the points you have to analyze:

  • The concentration or strength of the bleaching agent. Over-the-counter (OTC) bleaching trays contain lower concentration of peroxide. Typically, in-office bleaching trays contain 10% to 20% peroxide concentration compared to only 3% of OTC. In-office one hour teeth whitening contains between 30-45% peroxide.
  • The safety. In the office, your dentist applies protective gel over your gums to keep it from the corrosive effect of the bleach. The at-home bleaching given by your dentist includes a tray that perfectly fits your mouth so that it will be properly placed and the bleaching agent does not leak to your gums. Your dentist takes an impression of your upper and lower teeth and laboratory makes the trays only for you. OTC bleaching products do not include that in the kits that you buy.
  • The cost. OTC is a lot cheaper than going to the dentist. Dentist got their expertise. So, you have to pay for their service. However, you are rest assured that you are well taken care of by an expert. But now a days, it has become very inexpensive to do this. If you opt for OTC, you don’t have to pay for any services because you did-it-yourself. Plus, the bleach concentration is low.
  • The supervision. Dentist supervision is needed to this procedure because bleach is corrosive to the gums and the oral cavity. Unlike your outer skin, the lining of your mouth is sensitive and thinner. So, any whitening agents should be used carefully. Your dentist will also do an assessment on your teeth and overall health to see if you are even a good candidate for this procedure. They will check to see what is the cause of your teeth discoloration, if you have any medical problems, if you have old restorations that are leaking and if you have restorations like fillings or crowns in the anterior area because those will not change color. With OTC, you are on your own. This is very important to keep your teeth healthy.
  • The different issues. There are issues on bleaching that you have to take note of. Pregnant women are not advised to get bleaching until they have delivered the baby because the bleaching effect might harm the baby. Allergic reactions can also occur to people who are allergic to peroxide. People with highly sensitive teeth might not be a candidate. Age is also an issue because some older patients have their roots exposed. This will cause uncomfortable pain if bleach is applied on the teeth. Also people with worn down teeth because of grinding may not be a candidate depending on how much of the enamel is destroyed. You have to see the dentist first before you proceed with teeth whitening.

 Here is a video testimonial from a patient:

So, teeth whitening at the dentist and OTC, now you know all the pros and cons to make a rational decision.

White set of teeth adds to your youthful radiance. Bleaching in-office or OTC should be carefully considered.  Now that you are more informed, you can make the right decision for yourself. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, please call our office and we can schedule a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions. 323-771-7254

At our office, our teeth whitening is very affordable and you can have a beautiful white smile in just one hour.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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