Can Teeth Whitening Cause Cancer?

The active ingredient in most tooth whiteners used today is carbamide peroxide. In general, a carbamide peroxide gel is placed in a dental tray, which is then worn by the patients from a few hours to overnight. The strengths can vary depending on if you buy from over the counter or from a dentist. Sometimes the ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. We will look into more detail on these to answer the question can teeth whitening cause cancer.


Do tooth whitening products cause cancer? | Sun, 17 Jun 2007 22:08:57 -0700

And here is an article, I saw on that discusses the risks of Oral Cancer and tooth whitening products. Can Tooth Whiteners Cause Oral Cancer? Ingredients Suspected of Causing Mouth Cancers in 2 Young …

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Does tooth whitening procedures cause cancer? | Dr. Greg … Wed, 21 Nov 2012 10:04:13 -0800

The compiled results concluded that tooth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide do not cause or increase the risk of oral cancer when used as directed. Exposure to hydrogen peroxide in whiteners is too low and …

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Can Teeth Whitening Products Be Harmful? (

Read more … 01/08/2013 19:21

The highly abrasive action kits – dental whitening may even damage the enamel of the teeth and make them more long-term dark, plus the composition of its ingredients can potentially cause mouth cancer, especially in smokers, but you can use other types of non-aggressive, which can obtain fast results.

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The discussion of the safety of tooth whiteners with peroxide has focused on the harmful effects of the free radicals generated in the whitening gels, specifically, the theory is that when hydrogen peroxide leaks from trays containing the whitening gel onto surrounding areas inside the mouth, it triggers the release of cancer-causing “free radical” cells.

So how to prevent this is by either doing in-office teeth whitening which all your gums and surrounding tissues of the mouth is isolated which prevents this leakage or use home teeth whitening which you can get from your dentist which utilizes a custom tray fitted to your mouth which will minimize the leakage tremendously.

Over-the-counter products do not use custom trays, even the ones you heat up and bite into is not considered a custom tray, hence leakage is not avoidable.

So to answer your question: Can teeth whitening cause cancer? The short answer is yes, but not confirmed, as well as if yes, the chances are very low depending on which products you use.

By: Dr. Ladan Zinati

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